Print Reading for Construction

1 Credit

Print Reading for Construction is designed to assist students in reading and understanding residential and commercial prints. The 2013 edition of this text has been extensively revised and expanded. The Large Prints folder included with the text contains six sets of construction prints used with the print reading activities in the text. Of the six sets of prints, five are new. The print sets comprise 140 prints from residential and commercial construction.

Print Reading for Construction is a practical text suitable for vocational students, apprentices, and building trades workers who want to increase their knowledge of print reading and construction drawings. The combination text and workbook presents a thorough discussion of print reading techniques, starting with the basics of print reading and progressing to advanced topics.

• Includes 140 foldout prints, which provide learners with realistic on-the-job experiences.
• Provides two unit-based print reading projects with end-of-unit activities and four comprehensive print reading projects at the end of the text.
• Full color is used throughout the text to enhance student comprehension of the subject matter.


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