Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

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Seventy stories about Jesus for young children.

Also available in Romanian.

Coloring Book also available.

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This hardcover Bible story book is a beautiful way to help children learn to love Jesus. The seventy stories from the life of Jesus—each illustrated with a full color oil painting—are designed to be read aloud to children. Each story includes three questions that promote interaction about the story.

In a time when so many Bible story books include fictional details and cartoon-like pictures, Tell Me the Stories of Jesus will become a trusted family favorite. These simple stories and touching illustrations begin to form in children’s minds the outlines of a picture that will be filled in as they grow—the picture of Jesus as a caring, understanding, and trustworthy Friend.

What a few customers are saying:

We are reading the Bible story book and loving it! It is a masterpiece, both the text and the artwork. –family from Ohio

I am very pleased to have the new Bible story book. The artwork is what catches the eye—it’s second to none!  We are reading through it right now as a family, even if our children are older than the intended audience, and the text is excellent too.  –father from Washington

Also available in Romanian.

Coloring Book also available.

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Pages: 166
Bindging: Hardcover
Illustrated By: Alex Brover


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