Bible 400 – ANSWER KEY (SE)

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How to Teach the Course

Bible 400 expands the study of the Gospels started in the third grade. The first LightUnit contains fictional stories that acquaint students with the worship, customs, and daily activities of Jews during the time of Christ. LightUnits 402 through 405 focus on Christ’s earthly ministry, His teachings, and His death and resurrection.

Each LightUnit has twelve lessons containing an interesting story and workbook activities. Each LightUnit also has two quizzes and a test. By doing two or three lessons per week, this course will cover the entire school year.

The Teacher’s Guide gives objectives and suggestions for teaching each lesson and provides alternate LightUnit tests for students who need to make up for a failing test score. Reproductions of all the LightUnit activities, quizzes, and tests with the answers are included. Separate answer keys are not required if the Teacher’s Guide is purchased.


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