Bible 600 – ANSWER Key Set (SE)

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See a sample: AK 601-605  and  AK 606-610.

Course Components
10 LightUnits 601-610
2 Answers Key 601-610
2 Teacher’s Guide: TG 601-605  and  TG 606-610
Optional Item
Reference Maps (grade 6)

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How to Teach the Course

Sunrise Bible 600 picks up the study of the Old Testament where Bible 500 ended. It begins with Joshua and the crossing of the Jordan and closes with the return from the Captivity and looks forward to the coming Messiah. Each lesson contains a well-written Bible story and includes workbook activities. In the later LightUnits of the course, students begin reading from the KJV Bible as a part of their lesson text. Map exercises show the geography of the different periods covered.

Bible 600 has ten LightUnit with 16 lessons in each, including the two quizzes and a test. This provides for one lesson per day for one school year.
The Teacher’s Guides give objectives and suggestions for teaching each lesson and provide alternate test and include the LightUnit pages complete with answers to all activities.


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Set Includes: 2 Answer Keys


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