Language Arts 100 – LightUnit Set (SE2)

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Language Arts 100 is an integral part of our program and works well with any phonics-based, learning-to-read program. Students also learn about suffixes and prefixes, sentences, phrases, and basic punctuation. LUs 107-110 include creative writing. Penmanship begins with LU 105 after Learning to Read is Finished. Spelling begins with LU 106.

See a sample: LA 101, LA 102, LA 103, LA 104, LA 105, LA 106, LA 107, LA 108, LA 109, LA 110.

Course Components
10 LightUnits 101-110
1 Teacher’s Guide
Optional Items
Extra Practice Sheets
I Can Write Manuscript
Phonics Wall Cards
Phonics Flash Cards

See also: Support Items

How to Teach the Course
Students complete the first four LightUnits of Learning to Read before they begin this course. Use I Can Write Manuscript for more penmanship practice. For more Language Arts drill, use the Extra Practice Sheets. The Phonics Cards illustrate spelling and phonics rules.

Sunrise Language Arts 100 correlates with Christian Light’s Learning to Read and Sunrise Reading 100, but fits well with any phonics-based learning-to-read program. This thorough, phonics-based program teaches grammar, punctuation, communication skills, writing, spelling, and penmanship.

Concepts in the LightUnits are taught in small increments and reviewed over and over again to ensure mastery. Wall charts illustrate spelling and punctuation rules. Children who need extra penmanship practice will enjoy the beautifully illustrated workbook I Can Write Manuscript as they practice copying letters, numbers, words, short sentences, and simple poems on the theme of animal babies and their mothers.

Extra Language Arts practice sheets are available for those who need more drill.

The Teacher’s Guide is required to teach this course. It includes lesson plans, answer, spelling word lists, scope and sequence, alternate LightUnits tests, and more teaching aids.

A 80+ full-color phonics card set is available for Language Arts 100. These cards illustrate and give practice words for the pronunciation rules taught in Christian Light’s Reading and Language Arts.

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Set Includes: 10 LightUnits


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