Language Arts 300 – TEACHER’s GUIDE (with answers) (SE2)

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Sunrise Second Edition. This teacher’s guide includes instructions for each section of each lesson, as well as a reproduction of each LightUnit with answers. Appendices give alternate LightUnit tests, a detailed scope and sequence, spelling word lists, and suggestions for teaching creative writing and penmanship.

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Course Components
10 LightUnits 301-310
1 Teacher’s Guide 301-310
Optional Items
On Teaching Writing
Basics of Diagraming
I Can Write Cursive
Reference Chart (grades 3&4)

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How to Teach the Course

Language Arts 300 teaches grammar, spelling, and penmanship. Students identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sentence subject, and begin diagramming. Language mechanics taught include punctuation, capitalization, and subject-verb agreement. A creative writing lesson is in each Light-Unit. Students learn to use contents pages, indexes, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

Use the LA Diagnostic Test (DOWNLOAD here for STUDENT and TEACHER) to place new students. Teachers should introduce the new concept, spelling words, and penmanship; students can then work independently.

The Reference Chart explains part of speech, punctuation, and more.

The Teacher’s Guide includes LightUnit pages with answers, review questions, teaching tips, alternate tests, scope and sequence, a glossary, and spelling words.

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