Language Arts 400 – TEACHER’s GUIDE (with answers) (SE2)

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How to Teach the Course

Sunrise 2nd Edition Language Arts 400 integrates grammar, spelling, and penmanship. In addition to basic English skills, students learn to research information using encyclopedias and personal interviews, to listen and take notes, and to scan for specific information. Each LightUnit includes two creative writing lessons.

Use our LA Diagnostic Test (DOWNLOAD here for STUDENT and TEACHER) to correctly place new students. The teacher should monitor the child’s daily work, but students do many exercises independently. Use the Extra Practice Sheets for specific review on difficult concepts.

The Answer Key contains reproductions of LightUnit pages with answers and is spiral bound. The Quiz and Test Answer Key is required if you purchase the spiral-bound LightUnit Answer Key.

The Teacher’s Guide includes teaching notes, spelling word list, LightUnit pages with answers, and alternate testes.

Other Details

Binding: Spiral-bound


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