But Not Forsaken

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Hans and Maria Penner, separated by Communists in East Germany, travel west toward freedom, each fearing the other slain. The story of a family distressed, persecuted, and separated, but not forsaken.

Also available in Romanian.

Also available on Audio CD

In Language Arts LU707, students do a literary analysis of the book But Not Forsaken.


Like other German cities during World War II, Krauter became a blacked out vacuum at night. But tonight Hans felt something was wrong as he arrived at Felderstrasse 21. “Maria,” he hissed. No one answered. Heart pounding, Hans entered the house. Except for a few scattered possessions and a rumpled bed on the floor, the place was deserted. His wife and children were gone! Hans buried his face in his hands, fighting despair. Who might know where they had fled? How would he even begin to try to find them?

Hans and Maria Penner’s daring and dangerous flight for freedom from Russia through Germany will open your eyes to the horrors of war and strengthen your faith in the faithful One who never forsaken his own.

Also available in Romanian.

Also available on Audio CD


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Pages: 266
Binding: Softcover
Publish Date: 1983


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