Language Arts 800 – LightUnit Set (SE)

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In Language Arts 800, new grammar and punctuation skills are introduced each day, followed by review of previous skills, plus penmanship and spelling practice. New skills taught include transitive and intransitive verbs, perfect verbs tenses, concrete and abstract nouns, and demonstrative, indefinite, and relative pronouns. Students learn library skills and write a research paper, including a bibliography.

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Course Components
10 LightUnits 801-810
2 Answer Keys 801-810
Optional Items:
Reference Chart (grades 7&8)
On Teaching Writing
Basics of Diagramming
English Handbook

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How to Teach the Course

Use our LA Diagnostic Test (DOWNLOAD here for STUDENT and TEACHER) to correctly place new students. Students do most exercises independently.
Use On Teaching Writing for creative writing assignment.

Language Arts 800 integrates grammar, spelling, and penmanship into one easy-to-use package. Grammar and punctuation skills are introduced incrementally at the beginning of each daily lesson, followed by exercises reviewing the freshest material as well as more familiar, almost-mastered skills. Each day’s lesson concludes with penmanship and spelling practice.

This full-year course includes a research paper project for the student to complete along with a standard bibliography. They are taught how to choose vivid verbs and eliminate redundancy in their writing. Also covered are transitive/intransitive verbs, basic and perfect tenses, concrete/abstract nouns, categorizing pronouns, elliptical clauses, and figures of speech.


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Set Includes: 10 LightUnits


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