Math 100 – LightUnit Set (SE)

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In Math 100 daily speed drills and flash-card exercises cement the basic addition/subtraction facts from 1-18. Students are exposed to geometry, money, and mental math. Story problems with a Biblical worldview relate math to real life. Metric and U.S. measurements are taught together.

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Course Components
10 LightUnits 101-110
2 Teacher’s Guides: TG 101-105  and  TG 106-110
Counting Chart
My Counting Book
Flash Cards – Addition and Subtraction
Optional Items
My Calendar Book
Student Clock

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How to Teach the Course
No previous math instructions is needed. You’ll need Counting Chart, My Counting Book, and our special flash-card system to teach the course as the daily lesson plans direct.

Sunrise Math 100 lays a foundation for many of the major math concepts the student will meet during his lifetime. Each lesson introduces one or more bite-sized new number concepts. Most of the student work consists of continuous review to ensure that the concepts stick. The child experiences math as a whole rather than as isolated skills.

Interspersed with basic number skills are forays into geometry, our money system, mental math, and number patterns. Practical story problems with a Biblical worldview relate math to real life. The U.S. and the metric measurement systems are emphasized equally. Daily speed drills, oral drills, and flash-card exercises help cement the basic addition/subtraction facts from 1-20.

The Teacher’s Guide contains LightUnit answers, oral exercises, hand-on activities, teaching tips, and alternate tests, and is required for the course.

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Set Includes: 10 LightUnits


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