Math 1100 – TEACHER’S GUIDE (with solutions)

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This solution handbook shows how each math problem or a similar one is solved and also contains other teacher’s helps. Since the handbooks were developed by Alpha Omega Publications, they do not always match the revised LightUnits from Christian Light. We have developed a solution key update to be used where the solution handbook does not match the LightUnits. This update booklet will be included with your order, and allows this teacher’s guide to take the place of the answer keys.

Course Components
10 LightUnits
5 Answer Keys
Teacher’s Guide


Algebra II

10 LightUnits – 1 Credit

Each LightUnit includes a self test for each section and a LightUnit test, and should be completed in about three weeks.

This one-credit course covers the following concepts and skills:
1101Sets, Structures, and Function
1102Numbers, Sentences, and Problems
1103Linear Equations and Inequalities
1105Algebraic Fractions
1106Real Numbers
1107Quadratic Relations and Systems
1108Exponential Functions
1109Counting Principles
1110Algebra 2 Review

The Teacher’s guide developed by Alpha Omega Publications shows how each problem is solved, but solutions do not always match the revised CLE LightUnits. CLE encloses free update booklets with orders for the teacher’s guide to balance discrepancy. The teacher’s guide with the updates takes place of the briefer list answer keys.


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