Math 1200 – LightUnit Set • Functions and Trigonometry

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Functions and Trigonometry

10 LightUnits – 1 Credit

This course covers the following concepts and skills:
1201Relations and Functions
1203The Trigonometric Functions
1204The Circular Functions and Their Graphs
1205Identities and Functions of Multiple Angles
1206Application of Trigonometric Functions
1207Trigonometric Functions and Polar Coordinates
1208Quadratic Equations
1210Calculus and Review

Each LightUnit includes a self test for each section and a final test, and should be completed in about three weeks for a year’s study.

The teacher’s guide developed by Alpha Omega Publications shows how each problem is solved, but solutions do not always match our revised LightUnits. The teacher’s guide with the updates takes place of the briefer list answer keys.


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Set Includes: 10 LightUnits


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