Math 801-805 – TEACHER’s GUIDE (with answers)

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This Teacher’s Guide for the first half of the course includes reproductions of each LightUnit with answers & solutions, teacher’s notes, useful appendices, and alternate tests.

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Course Contents
10 LightUnits 801-810
2 Answer Keys 801-810
2 Teacher’s Guides: TG 801-805  and  TG 806-810
Optional Items:
Reference Chart (grades 5-8)
Reference Chart (grades 7&8)

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How to Teach the Course

Students new to the curriculum should take our Math Diagnostic Test – (DOWNLOAD here for STUDENT and TEACHER) to ensure proper grade level placement.
LightUnits contains two quizzes and a test. The advanced Math Reference Chart includes rules for integer operations, prime numbers concepts, geometry formulas, angle classification, and basic trigonometry rules.

Math LightUnit 801 tests and reviews concepts that should be mastered in seventh grade to verify readiness for the Math 800 level.
The remaining LightUnits review previously taught concepts and introduce new skills and concepts in incremental, continuously reviewed steps. We teach the metric system simultaneously with the U.S. system of measurement.

This full-year course contains enough pre-algebra to be an excellent prerequisite for any Algebra I course. Students who satisfactorily complete Math 800 will also be prepared for high school geometry and/or consumer math. Math 810 teaches practical business skills such as writing checks, budgeting income, and balancing an account.

Math 800 themes (one per LightUnit) deal with suitable occupations for Christians, and integrity and generosity in personal and family finances.

The Teacher’s Guides give teaching tips, extra practice, solutions, LightUnit answers, and alternate LightUnit tests.
Answer Keys are optional if the Teacher’s Guides are purchased.


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