Reading 100 – LightUnit Set (SE2)

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Reading 100 follows Learning to Read. The stories and poems in the full-color I Wonder reader develop reading skills while building character. Stories teach honesty, good habits, thankfulness, and trust. The LightUnits give practice in reading analysis and comprehension – applying stories to real life.
This course includes five LightUnits and a Teacher’s Guide. Skills and concepts are introduced gently and reviewed systematically.

See a sample: Reading 101, Reading 102, Reading 103, Reading 104, Reading 105.

Course Components
1 Reader – I Wonder
5 LightUnits 101-105
1 Teacher’s Guide
Optional Items
Phonics Wall Cards
Phonics Flash Cards

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How to Teach the Course

Successful completion of the Learning to Read program is necessary before attempting this half-year course. Students may do some exercises independently. Self checks and tests measure the child’s mastery of the material.

The first-grade reader, I Wonder, is full of delightful age-level stories and poems that develop critical reading skills while building character. Students will learn about honesty from Betsy and Billy, the importance of prayer from Willy, good habits from Bruce the door slammer, and trust from Bennie, who was afraid of thunder. The artwork has recently been updated to full-color paintings.

The accompanying five new LightUnits helps students practice phonics, reading comprehension, and analytical thinking. A test in each of the LightUnits measures the child’s mastery of the material.

The Teacher’s Guide includes oral reviews, a reproduction of each workbook page with answers, detailed instructions for explaining the exercises, ideas for class discussion, and silent and oral reading activities. Beginning teachers can successfully teach reading when using this manual.

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Set Includes: 5 LightUnits


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