Reading 200 – HELPING HANDS – Reader for LUs 201-205

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How can Nell possibly be thankful for dried onions? How can one apple make seven people happy? Why didn’t Bradley enjoy playing with his little cousin? Children learn the answers in “Nell’s Dried Onions,” “The Apple That Was Polished Six Times,” and “Lesson of the Lincoln Logs.” They visit India where a little girl wants to learn to read. They have fun with Andy Lee and Mr. Doodleburger. And they learn about honesty, helpfulness, courtesy, trust, unselfishness, and thankfulness. First of two readers for second grade.

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Course Components
2 Readers: Helping Hands and Happy Hearts

Study by LightUnit method:
10 LightUnits 201-210
2 Teacher’s Guides: TG 201-205 and TG 206-210

Study by Worksheets method:
Worksheets and Tests Set
1 Teacher’s Guide

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How to Teach the Course

Reading 200 builds character and develops reading skills through two readers, Helping Hands (now with full-color illustrations) and Happy Hearts. Phonics and other reading mechanics are systematically taught and reviewed. Exercises teach three types of comprehension: literal, inference, and application.

The LightUnit study uses LUs 201-205 with Helping Hands and LUs 206-210 with Happy Hearts. Students may do some exercises independently.
The Teacher’s Guide includes answers and class discussion ideas.

The Worksheets study requires more teacher involvement. It is in two booklets containing a total of 64 two-page lessons.
A Teacher’s Guide gives daily lesson notes with tips for introducing stories and discussing them with your class, and includes reproductions of student pages with answers filled in.

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