Reading 300 – DOORS TO DISCOVERY – Reader

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Is it worthwhile to know how to read? Johnny Liklak doesn’t think so. He’d rather be walrus hunting–until the day the flying whale comes. Then Johnny learns that reading is a doorway to discovery. Open Doors to Discovery to learn about life in other countries and other times. Peep in on the Stravitsky family, wondering if the Revolution will destroy their home. Put your ear to the keyhole and listen to Jack and Kenny argue–is it possible to be too honest? Watch Ben and Betsy entertain their strange visitor. Wonder with Chan–Is the God of Heaven really more powerful than our wooden idol? And rejoice that He is. Third grade.

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Course Components
1 Reader Doors to Discover

Study by LightUnit method:
10 LightUnits 301-310
1 Teacher’s Guide 301-310

Study by Worksheets method:
Worksheets & Tests Set
1 Teacher’s Guide

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How to Teach the Course

Reading 300 continues our tradition with reader stories that not only inform and entertain, but also edify and inspire character. No time is wasted on fairy tales and fantasy. Our stories teach lessons in how to deal with life’s problems with integrity and courage.

The LightUnit study consist of ten LightUnits. Student may do many exercises independently.
The Teacher’s Guide contains answers, instruction for teaching, ideas for oral reading activities, and questions for discussion.

The Worksheets study requires teacher involvement to provide review and prepare students for tests. The worksheets are bound in two booklets, each containing 30 two-page lessons.
The Teacher’s Guide gives daily lesson notes with tips for introducing stories and discussing them with your class, and includes reproductions of student pages with answers filled in.


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