Reading 700 – THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED – Reader

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Seventh graders are growing up, heading toward the teenage years, and already beginning to face bigger decisions. The Road Less Traveled presents them with examples of others whose choices affected their lives: Miles, whose lack of faith costs two lives; Mustafa, who finds love and giving and peace; Janet, who sees faith bear fruit. Selections in The Road Less Traveled center around five themes: Deciphering Nature’s Parables, Path of the Pioneer, Living for Others, Storing Up Treasures, Stooping Gracefully.

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Course Components
1 Reader – The Road Less Traveled
5 LightUnits 701-705
1 Answer Key 701-705  and  1 Quiz and Test Answer Key
1 Teacher’s Guide 701-705


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How to Teach the Course

Sunrise 2nd Edition Reading 700 uses five LightUnits and is based on the reader The Road Less Traveled. Stories and poems present students with characters who faced decisions that altered their lives in significant ways.

Using the LightUnits, students build vocabulary; examine literary elements such as setting, theme, and tone; interpret literary techniques such as metaphors, symbols, allusions, irony, and foreshadowing; identify story genres; practice types of writing; and identify faulty reasoning.
Two or three lessons per week cover a full year’s work, or you may choose to cover the course in one semester. Students may do many exercises independently.

The Answer Key is spiral bound and contains reproductions of LightUnit pages with answers.

The Teacher’s Guide includes LightUnit pages with answers, instructions for teaching new concepts, oral reading activity ideas, discussion questions, and alternate tests.


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