Science 200 – LightUnit Set (SE)

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Supplemental Course. Science 200 is a study of animals and birds.  Each lesson contains 2-4 pages of activities.

See a sample:
Science 201 – God Gives Us Animals
Science 202 – Animals and Their Habitats
Science 203 – Mammals You Know
Science 204 – Learning About Birds
Science 205 – Birds and Bird-Watching

Course Components
5 LightUnits 201-205
1 Teacher’s Guide

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How to Teach the Course

The five LightUnits for Sunrise Science 200 are a study of animals and birds. Each LightUnit takes about seventeen days to complete, including two quizzes and a test.
Each unit of this course stands alone. Use all or some units in whatever sequence you prefer. The five LightUnits cover half a year’s work but may be spread over a whole year.

The Teacher’s Guide includes reproductions of LightUnit pages with answers and ideas for capturing your child’s interest and providing hands-on activities to enrich the learning experience.

The LightUnit themes are as follows:
LU 201 – God Gives Us Animals
LU 202 – Animals and Their Habitats
LU 203 – Mammals You Know
LU 204 – Learning About Birds
LU 205 – Birds and Bird-Watching

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Set Includes: 5 LightUnits


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