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God’s World Science Series
This course contains 39 regular lessons, 7 review lessons, and 7 unit tests. The text of each regular lesson has 2 parts—the first part for oral reading and discussion and the second for individual comprehension and exercise.
The 7 units cover water; solids, liquids, gasses; the seasons; heat and cold; care of the body; animals; farming, machines, stewardship. The theme of the book is God’s care of man and nature. The Bible theme identifies scientific facts that relate to the story of Noah.

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Unit One: God Gave Us Water
1. Water Is Important to Us
2. Water Has Three States
3. The State of Water Can Be Changed
4. Rain Brings Us Water
5. Water Has Force
6. Water Can Destroy
7. Water Pushes Up

Unit Two: God Gave Us the Materials We Need
1. Wood Is a Useful Material
2. God Gave Us Many Useful Solids
3. Petroleum Is a Useful Material
4. God Gave Us Many Useful Liquids
5. Air Is a Useful Material
6. God Gave Us Many Useful Gases

Unit Three: God Promised to Protect His Creation
1. God Promised Seedtime and Harvest
2. God Promised Day and Night
3. God Promised Summer and Winter
4. God Gave Us the Moon
5. God Gave Man a Sign of His Promise

Unit Four: God Gave Us Heat and Cold
1. We Measure Temperature
2. The Sun Gives Us Heat
3. Heat Moves
4. Heat Causes Materials to Expand
5. We Use Cold to Preserve Food

Unit Five: God Cares for Man
1. Skin, Hair, and Nails Protect Our Bodies
2. Cleanliness Helps Keep Our Bodies Healthy
3. God Provides a Good Diet
4. Exercise and Good Posture Help Our Bodies

Unit Six: God Cares for the Animals
1. Animals Saved From the Floo
2. God Made the Amphibians
3. The Life of a Toad
4. God Made the Reptiles
5. The Life of a Garter Snake
6. God Made the Mammals
7. The Life of a Chipmunk
8. God Protects the Animals in Cold Weather

Unit Seven: God Told Man to Care for His Creation
1. Farming Provides for Many of Our Needs
2. Machines Help Man Do Work
3. Wind and Water Can Do Work
4. Man Is a Steward of God’s Creation


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