Science 400 – Rod&Staff – TEXTBOOK (Alternative Course)

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This course contains 31 regular lessons, 7 review lessons, and 7 unit tests. The 31 regular lessons are divided into 63 class sessions. (Groups of exercises are interspersed in each lesson to help students find answers more efficiently.) Most regular lessons contain a short review exercise. Students will study weather, animal life, star constellations, light, electricity, plant life. Health and safety are addressed in a unit on human disease and in some lessons such as the lesson on the eye. Each unit is self-contained, and the units can be studied in any order. References from the Book of Job help establish the theme of the book: “God’s Inspiring World.”

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Unit 1 – God Gives Us Weather
1. Different Climates
2. Wind and Weather
3. Clouds and Rain
4. Kinds of Precipitation
5. Do You Remember?

Unit 2 – Birds
1. Animals With Skeletons
2. God Created Birds
3. God Created Fish
4. God Created Mollusks
5. Animals With Strange Bodies
6. Do You Remember?

Unit 3 – The Stars Inspire Wonder
1. Star Pictures
2. The Stars Move
3. Learning the Constellations
4. Stars Are Useful
5. Do You Remember?

Unit 4 – God Heals Our Diseases
1. Causes of Sickness
2. Fighting Germs
3. Getting Well
4. Protection From Disease
5. Do You Remember?

Unit 5 – God Made Light
1. “Let There Be Light”
2. Reflecting Light
3. Bending Light
4. Using Lenses
5. Our Eyes
6. Do You Remember?

Unit 6 – Electricity Is From God
1. Parts of a Circuit
2. Different Circuits
3. Electricity Is Useful
4. Using Electricity Safely
5. Do You Remember?

Unit 7 – God Gave Us Plants
1. Seed-Producing Plants
2. Roots and Stems
3. Leaves Make Food
4. Flowers, Fruit, and Seeds
5. Plants Can Multiply
6. Do You Remember?

Star Guide
Constellation Flash Cards


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