Science 500 – LightUnit Set (SE)

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Science 500 is based on the text God’s Marvelous Gift and cover the physical world, plants, the heavens, animal life, and other parts of creation. The text reading level is light for competent fifth grades.
You have two options for this course: use the LightUnit or follow the textbook exercises. Both options required the textbook and provide a year’s worth of work.

See a sample: Science 501, Science 502, Science 503, Science 504, Science 505.

Course Components
1 Textbook – God’s Marvelous Gifts

Study by LightUnit method:
5 LightUnits 501-505
1 Answer Key 501-505

Study by Textbook method:
Teacher’s Guide
Tests pack

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How to Teach the Course

This course uses the textbook God’s Marvelous Gifts to introduce the student to the rich resources created by God for life in this world.

Science 500 covers the physical world, plants, the heavens, animal life, and the human body. The reading level is appropriate for either fourth or fifth graders.

You have two options for this course.  Both require the textbook.
The LightUnit option provides the standard Sunrise format in exercises, quizzes, self checks, and tests. Answer keys  are required.
The study-by-textbook option uses questions in the textbook and requires a student test packet and a Teacher’s Guide for answers.
Teacher material contains answers for the text, teaching helps, and enrichment.
Both methods cover a year’s work.


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Set Includes: 5 LightUnits


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