Science 600 Rod&Staff – TEXTBOOK (Alternative Course)

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This course covers general science.

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This course contains 37 lessons (including 8 review lessons). It covers the solar system, energy, food chains, electricity and magnetism, body systems and health, and the earth with its support of life. The book theme, “God’s Inhabited World,” strongly emphasizes how God designed the earth for life and designed life for the earth. The spiritual tone is drawn from the Book of Isaiah, and the values of good stewardship are emphasized. Students will appreciate the helpful illustrations and the aspiring tone of the text.
The Teacher’s Manual contains a copy of each pupil page, plus answer keys, lesson guides, and other helpful teaching aids.


In Appreciation
Creation Verses From Isaiah

Unit 1: The Sun and Moon to Rule the Day and Night
1. The Sun, Our Source of Energy
2. The Sun, an Active Star
3. The Moon to Rule the Night
4. Eclipses
5. Unit 1 Review

Unit 2: The Planets—Beautiful but Lifeless
Facts About the Planets
6. The Sun Orbiters
7. The Inferior Planets&dmash; Mercury and Venus
8. Mars and the Asteroids
9. The Outer Planets
10. Unit 2 Review

Unit 3: Earth-the Home for Living Things
11. A Climate to Support Life
12. Water to Support Life
13. The Protecting Atmosphere
14. The Moderating Oceans
15. The Renewing Cycles
16. Unit 3 Review

Unit 4: Food for Living Things
17. Photosynthesis, the Food-making Process
18. Soil, a Support for Green Plants
19. The Food Chain
20. The Balance of Life
21. Unit 4 Review

Unit 5: Energy—Harnessing Its Sources
22. The Energy Chain
23. Harnessing Wind, Water, and Sunlight
24. Harnessing Fuel Energy
25. Using Energy for Transportation
26. Unit 5 Review

Unit 6: Electricity for Energy and Communication
27. Magnetism and Electricity
28. Electrical Circuits
29. Electricity for Motion, Heat, and Light
30. Electricity for Communication
31. Unit 6 Review

Unit 7: Your Body—Created to Inhabit the Earth
32. Your Sensory System
33. Your Respiratory System
34. Your Digestive System
35. Your Circulatory System
36. Unit 7 Review

Year-end Review
37. Final Review

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