Science 800 – ANSWER KEY Set

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How to Teach the Course

Each LightUnit in this course takes about seventeen days to cover, providing work for a 170-day school year. Science 800 covers theories of matter, the balance of nature, health and nutrition, energy, electricity, and machines.
Each LightUnit contains one self check per section and one final test.
No Teacher’s Guide is needed; the lessons are geared for self-study.

The specific themes, one per LightUnit, are as follows:
801 – Science in Our Lives
802 – Properties of Matter
803 – Changing Matter
804 – Health and Nutrition
805 – Energy
806 – Magnets and Electricity
807 – Using Machines
808 – Levers, Pulleys, Gears, and Things
809 – Balance in Nature
810 – Science and Technology


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Set Includes: 5 Answer Keys


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