Science 800 Rod&Staff – TEACHER’s MANUAL (Alternative Course)

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The hardcover teacher’s manual contains a copy of the pupil’s book, an introduction to each unit, an outline of major concepts, and an answer key.

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Course Components
Teacher’s Manual


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Unit 1: Physical Fundamentals of God’s World

  • The Beginning of Science (A)
  • Energy Produces Changes (A-B)
  • Transformation of Energy (C)
  • Two Important Laws of Energy (C)
  • Three Important Laws of Motion (D-F)
    • Inertia (D)
    • Acceleration (E)
    • Action and Reaction (F)
  • God Created Matter (G-K)
  • Branches of Knowledge About God’s World (L)
  • Unit 1 Review

Unit 2: The Body

  • The Organization of the Body (A)
    • Many Members—One Body (A)
    • From Trillions to One (A)
    • The Human Body and the Church (A)
  • The Integumentary System, Your Body’s Protection (B)
    • The Epidermis (B)
    • The Dermis (B)
  • The Skeletal System, Your Body’s Support (C)
  • The Muscular System, Your Body’s Means of Motion (D)
  • The Respiratory System, Your Body’s Source of Oxygen (E)
  • The Circulatory System, Your Body’s Transportation Network (F)
    • The Blood Vessels (F)
    • The Heart (F)
    • The Blood (F)
  • The Lymphatic System, Your Body’s Means of Drainage and Defense (G)
    • The Lymph Organs (G)
  • The Excretory System, Your Body’s Means of Waste Removal (H)
  • The Unity of the Body (H)
  • Unit 2 Review
  • First Quarter Review: Units 1-2

Unit 3: Food and Digestion

  • Food—the Nutrients That Keep You Alive (A)
  • Macronutrients—Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins (A-B)
    • Carbohydrates and Fats Provide Energy (A)
    • Proteins Provide Materials for Growth and Maintenance (B)
  • Water—an Essential for Life (B)
  • Micronutrients—Vitamins and Minerals (C)
  • A Healthful Diet (D)
  • The Digestive System (E-F)
    • Promoting Good Digestion (F)
  • Units 3 Review

Unit 4: The Starry Heavens

  • The Wonder of the Stars (A)
    • God’s Reasons for Stars (A)
    • God’s Glory in Distance and Number of Stars (A)
  • Learning to Identify Stars (B-C)
    • Star Study Aids (C)
  • “The Sun to Rule by Day” (D)
  • “For Seasons, and for Days, and Years” (E-G)
  • “The Moon… to Rule by Night” (H)
  • “Wonders Without Number” (I)
  • Unit 4 Review
  • Second Quarter Review: Units 1 – 4

Unit 5: Heat

  • Heat, an Important Form of Energy (A)
    • Heat Is Energy (A)
  • Heat and the States of Matter (B-C)
  • How Much Heat? (D-E)
  • Expansion (F)
  • Transfer of Heat (G)
  • Heat and Pressure (H)
  • How Can You Make Cold? (I)
  • Unit 5 Review

Unit 6: Weather

  • The Orderliness of Weather (A-B)
    • What Makes the Wind Blow? (A-B)
  • Moisture in the Air (C-D)
  • How Air Is Cooled (E-F)
  • Storms (G-H)
  • Weather Forecasting (I-J)
    • Weather Instruments (J)
    • Weather Agencies (J)
  • Unit 6 Review
  • Third Quarter Review: Units 1 – 6

Unit 7: The Nervous System

  • An Overview of the Nervous System (A)
  • The Central Nervous System (B-C)
    • The Brain (B)
    • The Spinal Chord (C)
  • The Peripheral Nervous System (D-F)
    • The Senses (D)
    • The Endocrine System (E)
    • The Autonomic Nervous System (F)
  • Consciousness, Memory, and Emotion (G)
  • Unit 7 Review

Unit 8: Health and First Aid

  • Guiding Principles for Healthy Body (A)
    • Elements of Good Health (A)
    • Essentials for Good Health (A)
  • Safety Rules (B)
  • First-aid Procedures (C-G)
    • General Principles (C)
    • The A-B-C-D-E of First Aid (C)
    • First Aid for Choking and Drowning (C)
    • First Aid for Wounds and Bleeding (D)
    • First Aid for Fractures, Sprains, and Dislocations (E)
    • First Aid for Burns (F)
    • First Aid for Poisoning (G)
  • Unit 8 Review
  • Final Review: Units 1-8

  • Tests
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Tide Diagram
  • Illustration Credits


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