Social Studies 200 – TEACHER’s GUIDE (with answers)

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Sunrise edition. This Teacher’s Guide includes helpful teaching tips and reproductions of each LightUnit with answers.

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Course Components
5 LightUnits 201-205
1 Teacher’s Guide 201-205
Optional Item
5 Answer Keys 201-205


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How to Teach the Course

These five LightUnits on families, neighborhoods, communities, and their relationship to the larger world advance the concepts begun in Social Studies 100. Each LightUnit contains seventeen lessons, including two quizzes and a test.
This course is not incremental and doesn’t continue review from one unit to the next. You may use all or some units in whatever sequence you prefer. The five LightUnits cover half a year’s work but may be spread over a whole year if you prefer.
The Teacher’s Guide contains thoughts and ideas to help you teach creatively and effectively. It includes a reproduction of each LightUnits page with answers. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher’s Guide is purchased.

LightUnit titles are as follows:
LU 201 – Families and Neighbors
LU 202 –  Communities
LU 203 – Communities at Work
LU 204 – Travel
LU 205 – Children From Different Communities


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Pages: 150
Binding: Spiral-bound
Publisher: Christian Light Publications


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