Social Studies 300 – LIVING TOGETHER ON GOD’s EARTH – Textbook

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Required. This third-grade social studies textbook follows “Your Neighborhood,” the five-LightUnit course for second grade. The student first sees his community as one small part of God’s earth. Next, four communities of Bible times are explored. After this, two communities where Christians have lived are investigated. Last, the old and new countries of Israel are compared. Each section pictures the duty of the Christian in a variety of situations.

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Course Components
1 Textbook – Living Together on God’s Earth

Study by LightUnit method:
3 LightUnits 301-306
1 Teacher’s Guide 301-306

Study by Textbook method:
1 Teacher’s Guide
1 Tests Pack (per student)


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How to Teach the Course

This course uses the text Living Together on God’s Earth, a study of communities. The student first recognizes his community as one small part of the earth, then explores four communities of Bible times, one European community, one American community, and the old and new countries of Israel.

You have two options for this course: use the LightUnits study guides, or follow the textbook exercises. Both options require the textbook.

The LightUnit study uses exercises, quizzes, and test. LightUnit 306 is optional for those preferring a five-LightUnit course. The Teacher’s Guide includes answers, discussion/activity ideas, and reproducible maps.

The textbook study, use the questions provided in the text.
Teacher’s Guide for this method contains  discussion ideas, reproducible maps, and answers to the test questions.
A separate test booklet contains all the tests needed for one student to complete this course. For map activities, purchase the student pack of outline maps or use the masters in the Teacher’s Guide.


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