Social Studies 400 – INTO ALL THE WORLD – Textbook

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This fourth-grade textbook strongly emphasizes world geography and resources. The student begins his study of the world at home in the Americas and moves around the world, concluding in Antarctica. The textbook focuses on God’s wonderful gifts to mankind and the wise use of those gifts. Textbooks can be used in classroom settings with or without LightUnits. Accompanying LightUnits are required in individualized settings.

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Course Components
Textbook – Into All the World

Study by LightUnit method:
5 LightUnits 401-410
2 Answer Keys 401-410

Study  by Textbook method:
Tests Pack


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How to Teach the Course

The textbook Into All the World invites students to tour the world, learn the geography of each continent, and discuss stewardship of the resources God has supplied. The writing style is interesting and conversational, the book filled with pleasing illustrations.

You have two options for teaching this course: use the LightUnit study guides, or follow the textbook exercises. Both require the textbook. Either method provides a whole year of lesson material.

The LightUnits provide exercises, reviews, quizzes, and tests. Teacher materials include lesson notes, discussion/activity ideas, and reproducible maps. 

For the second option, use the questions provided in the textbook. This method requires more teacher interaction for review and test preparation. Teacher material contains answers for the text, discussion ideas, extra map work, and reproducible maps. Tests packets are sold separately.


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