Social Studies 600 – NEIGHBORS IN LATIN AMERICA – Textbook

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Christian Light Education’s sixth-grade textbook introduces students to their neighbors in Latin America. The textbook is divided into ten units. The first four cover general information about Latin America: first Americans, early conquest, geography, and climate. The remaining six units divide Latin America into regions and give specific information about their major countries. After completing the book, students will have studied the geography, climate, people, and history for all the major countries in Latin America.

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Course Components
1 Textbook – Neighbors in Latin America

Study by LightUnit method:
10 LightUnits 601-610
2 Answer Key 601-610

Study by Worksheets method:
Worksheets & Tests AK Set


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How to Teach the Course

Social Studies 600 is based on Neighbors in Latin America, a beautifully illustrated full-color textbook. Units 1-4 cover the early history, geography, and climate of Latin America as a whole. Units 5-10 divide Latin America into regions and give specific information about the major countries in each region.

A limited number of activities appear in the textbook, designed to review only the highlights. For student work activities, choose either the workbook study or the LightUnit study for better coverage of the material. Either option is a full-year course.

The LightUnit study is self-directed with exercises, quizzes, review, self checks, and tests. The ten LightUnits match the ten units of the textbook. Two quizzes and a LightUnit test are included in each LightUnit. Answer keys are required.

The Worksheet study includes reviews, tests, and quizzes and requires more teacher involvement.The two-workbook option provides one worksheet per lesson and will require more teacher input. This option includes a pack of quizzes, reviews, and tests for each student. Answer keys are required.


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