Social Studies 700 – Textbook ANSWER KEY

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Preliminary Edition. This answer key contains the answers to the study exercises and class discussion questions at the end of each section in the textbook.

Course Components
1 Textbook – Across the Ages
10 LightUnits 701-710
2 Answer Keys 701-710
Optional Item


How to Teach the Course

Across the Ages takes students through human history from Creation to the early 21st century A.D. This full-color text describes the course of Western civilization while highlighting the hand of God at work in world events. Sidebars, tidbits, and insight boxes provide additional context, and the Going Global feature expands the scope beyond Western civilization to cultures and empires around the world.

Preliminary Edition. The LightUnit study provides self-directed exercises. These ten LightUnits contain the student work for Christian Light’s Grade 7 history course Across the Ages. Each LightUnit contains 12 lessons, 2 quizzes, 1 self check, and a final test. AnswerKeys are required.


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