Social Studies 800 – LightUnit Set (SE)

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From before Christopher Columbus to post-9/11, Changing Frontiers aims to present a positive, balanced, and colorful account of United States history. Student learn about pre-Columbus Americans, European explores, and colonists; then they follow the formation, growth, and struggle of the nation. Sidebars and “perspective boxes” sharpen students’ understanding.

See a sample: SS 801, SS 802, SS 803, SS 804, SS 805, SS 806, SS 807, SS 808, SS 809, SS 810.

Course Components
1 Textbook – Changing Frontiers

Study by LightUnit method:
10 LightUnits 801-810
2 Answer Keys 801-810

Study by Worksheets method:
Worksheets and Tests ANSWER KEY Set

Optional Item
1 Textbook Answer Key

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History is what happened. But, what is recorded as history is not always what happened. Changing Frontiers attempts to look at United States History honestly and fairly. In this full-color text, students learn about pre-Columbus Americans, European discoverers, explorers, and colonists. They follow American history through the formation, growth, and struggle of the nation. Sidebars and extra info nuggets, along with “perspective boxes,” sharpen students’ understanding of history. Study and discussion questions conclude each section.

The LightUnit study  provides self-directed exercises, quizzes, reviews, self checks, and tests.
Answer Keys are required.

The Worksheet study  includes chapter tests, reviews, and unit tests and requires more teacher input. Answer keys required.


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Set Includes: 10 LightUnits


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