CLE Music – Book 8

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Book Eight deals with concepts such as: note names, numbers, and shapes, clefs and degrees of the grand staff, key signatures and accidentals, time signatures, time value of notes and rests, diatonic major and minor scales, chromatic scale, simple directive signs, basic terms affecting volume, tempo, and style, harmonic intervals and triads (general names), and four chords (I chord, IV chord, V chord, and V7 chord).

Also available ANSWER KEY.


Our music curriculum is designed to teach children using shaped notes commonly used in Anabaptist songbooks. The course consists of one book and answer key per grade and a teacher’s manual.

The series is suitable for use by homeschools, individualized schools or classroom schools. Each book reviews concepts learned in previous levels. Books 4-8 are also suitable for older students who have not had previous systematic music instruction.

Students may begin Music Book One in Grade 1 or 2 and do one workbook per year. However, other than gradual advancement in reading level, the workbooks are not tied into any particular grade. Both round and shaped notes are taught.

Material overlaps between books, but some specifics in each book follow:
Book One: Lines, spaces, note names/shapes, the scale, heads, stems, flags
Book Two: Time value of notes and rests, the staff
Book Three: Measures/measure bars, the G clef, time signatures
Book Four: Sharps and flats, pitch pipe, key signatures
Book Five: Chromatic scale, the F clef, naturals, time patterns
Book Six: The grand staff, round notes, compound time signatures, slurs, ties
Book Seven: Diatonic scale, minor scale, intervals, terms/symbols
Book Eight: Accidentals, directive signs, tempo, volume, style, chords


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