Home Repair & Maintenance – Textbook

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Home Repair and Maintenance provides students with the basic information needed to safely use hand tools, power tools, and assorted building materials.

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This Course Covers
The Home, Home Safety, First Aid
Hand and Power Tools, Building Materials
Structural Parts of the House
Exterior Wall Coverings, Doors, Windows
Roof Covering and Gutter Repair
Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floor Coverings, Cabinets
Paints, Decorating, Landscape, Maintenance
Concrete, Masonry, Fireplace Maintenance
Repairing and Refurbishing Furniture, Wallpaper, Picture Framing
Potable Water System, Waste Disposal Systems
Central Cleaning System, Electrical Distribution System
Appliance Maintenance, Insulation, Energy Saving
Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Environmental Considerations


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