The Pilgrim’s Progress – Answer Key

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This literature course is based on the unabridged printing of Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, who wrote it from a prison cell in 15th century England. This allegory relates the story of Christian and his wife, Christiana, who found the way to the Celestial City. It is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of English literature.

Students read and analyze the book with the help of a workbook divided into five units and tests.

An answer key is available for the workbook and tests.

(Grade 9 and up)

Over three hundred years ago in England, John Bunyan was jailed for preaching the Gospel. To keep his mind busy and to ward off temptation, he began writing. This book is the result.

In the first chapter we meet the pilgrim, Christian, reading a book and asking in distress, “What shall I do?” Warned of the impending doom of his hometown, the City of Destruction, he accepts Evangelist’s advice and sets out for the Celestial City.

On his way, Christian encounters many true-to-life characters: Obstinate, Pliable, Faithful, Talkative, Ignorance, Hopeful, and others. Some help him, some hinder him, but each of them teaches him–and us–something about the Christian life.

We too are finding our way to the Celestial City, and this allegory has much to teach us about our journey. The Pilgrim’s Progress is a powerful Christian classic that is worth the time and effort required to read it.

Literature 1 includes a study of this allegory.


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