Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV – QUIZ BOOK

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Students involved in vocabulary study have been shown to do better in all their other subjects, including math! Build your tenth grader’s tools for success not only in school but for life through this quiz book that motivates him to build his vocabulary and spelling skills. The quiz book is correlated with the text Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV, 5th ed., and the Homeschool English 10 Parent Guide/Student Daily Lessons. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in the Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV Quiz Key. Grade 10.

Product Features

  • Both spelling and vocabulary words are quizzed in a variety of ways such as dictation, recognition of misspelled words, application of spelling rules, and choosing the correct vocabulary word for the definition or synonym. The variety of formats both within quizzes and from quiz to quiz holds your teen’s interest and allows you a better evaluation of his understanding of the words.
  • Testing over the meanings of prefixes, suffixes, and roots encourages your tenth grader to develop the tools for discerning the meanings of thousands of new words.
  • The 20 weekly quizzes and 4 review quizzes provide for approximately two weeks of spelling/vocabulary study out of every three weeks, allowing flexibility to your schedule.
  • The 4 quarterly review quizzes are cumulative over the entire quarter or semester. This continued exposure to the words (many of which are also in the literature books) builds your tenth grader’s comfort and confidence in spelling the words, applying spelling rules to other words he encounters, and using the vocabulary words in his own speech and writing.
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Grade: 10th Grade
Pages: 48
Binding: Bound
Edition: Fifth


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