More than GOLD

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For readers of intermediate and teen age.


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Did Lorenzo’s troubles really begin when his father left to find work in rich United States, or did it just seem as though they did?

With the responsibility of running the ranch and of being the man of the house for his mother and little sister, the hard work that fell on his shoulders made Lorenzo long for an easier way to make money. Money of any kind, earned in any way, was good enough for him, even though it was not American dollars.

It seemed that every inviting door that opened—and several did—only slammed shut in his face. Gold. Money. If they only could get out of poverty!

Yet Mother did not seem to mind being poor. She had a contentment in her heart that puzzled Lorenzo. And it was she who seemed to block most of his attempts to earn money.

Then finally the most wonderful opportunity of all came, and Lorenzo determined that nothing was going to stop him from taking it.

Did Lorenzo’s dreams finally come to pass?

Conflict and suspense characterize this story that teaches the true values of life as God sees them.



  • 1. Dollars!
  • 2. A Lonely Old Man
  • 3. Aunt Nela
  • 4. Dark Days
  • 5. Dollars to Spend!
  • 6. Prayers Answered
  • 7. Revival Meetings
  • 8. A Visit From Father
  • 9. Lorenzo Makes a Decision
  • 10. A Disappointment
  • 11. Lorenzo Is Depressed
  • 12. Juan
  • 13. Exciting Plans
  • 14. A Call in the Night
  • 15. Father
  • 16. Lorenzo Is Troubled
  • 17. Lorenzo Looks for a Way Out
  • 18. Lorenzo Makes Plans
  • 19. Wealth at Last!


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Hard cover
204 pages
Illustrated by Arvilla Mast
Published by Rod and Staff Publishers (1994)


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