When a Tsunami Comes

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A compassionate companion and guide for dealing with great grief.

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Also available in Romanian.


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Disappointments come to everyone. They come in all sizes. Some are temporary and can be fixed. Others are like scary storms that shake us up but eventually pass. And then there are tsunamis. When A Tsunami Comes was written from the heart of someone struck by a tsunami. Members of the Esh family and several friends were on their way to a wedding when a tractor trailer smashed into their van, snatching the lives of ten occupants and the truck driver. Only two young boys survived. The journey to healing from any great grief is long, winding, and torturous, but God is faithful and good. With expressive paintings and simple language for young and old, When A Tsunami Comes grieves with the grieving while pointing to the God of all comfort.

Also available in Romanian.


Dimensiuni21 × 26 cm
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Pages: 44
Binding: Hardcover
Illustrated by Martha Yoder


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