GHI Readiness Series – 6 Books

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This series follows the ABC Readiness Series. The basic purposes are the same in both series: helping parents give constructive guidance to each child prior to entering first grade, and helping children appreciate and increase interest and knowledge in the world around them.

GHI Series:
oing On Eagerly
Hearing and Helping
Inside and Outside
Just Thinking and Choosing
Keep Doing it Carefully 

This series gives further practice with the same basic visual, auditory, mental, oral, and motor skills as the preceding series. Simple directions are given in coloring, tracing, writing, drawing, counting, matching, cutting, and pasting.

The books in the series are generally used in alphabetical sequence and basically have the same level of difficulty. However, each book is self-contained and may be done in any order according to the child’s needs.

G – GOING ON EAGERLY – Teaches the basic colors, numbers 0-10, name writing, and more. Includes tracing, sequencing and drawing practice. Exercises relate to life in the polar regions. (65 pages)

H – HEARING AND HELPING – Includes practice in hearing initial consonant sounds and rhyming words; understanding words in sentence context, as well as following instructions. Exercises also include examples of families and children helping others. (64 pages)

I – INSIDE AND OUTSIDE – More practice with colors and shapes; counting by 2’s and 10’s; math concepts, seasons and weather. (64 pages)

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