Math in Many Nations 5 – TEXTBOOK (Alternative Course)

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The second in a series of Sunrise Math hardcover textbooks. Math in Many Nations uses the same learning approach as the LightUnits: spiral, incremental learning with continuous review. The textbook course requires students to write answers on a separate paper. Quizzes and tests have space for student computations.

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Course Components

Study by LightUnit method:
10 LightUnits 501-510
2 Answer Key 501-510
2 Teacher’s Guide: TG 501-505 and TG 506-510

Study by Textbook method:
Textbook – Math in Many Nations
Student Material
Solution Key   or   Teacher’s Guide

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How to Teach the Course

The LightUnit study 

Students new to our curriculum should take our Math Diagnostic Test – (DOWNLOAD here for STUDENT and TEACHER) to ensure proper grade level placement.

Math LightUnit 501 reviews concepts that should be adequately mastered in order to succeed in Math 500. It can be used as a diagnostic tool.

The remaining LightUnits introduce new skills and concepts in incremental, continuously reviewed steps. We teach the metric system simultaneously with the U.S. system of measurement.

Daily speed drills continue to cement the basic number facts into the child’s memory. Along with the usual fifth-grade math skills of reducing, carrying and borrowing with fractions, multiplying and dividing decimals, and applying the four operations to increasingly complex problems, we lay a foundation for later geometry and algebra in gentle, painless steps.

LightUnit themes in story problems give students a window into actual Christian missionary activities around the world.

The Teacher’s Guides give teaching tips, extra practice, solutions, LightUnit answers, and alternate LightUnit tests. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher’s Guides are purchased.

Textbook Study Method

Now this time-tested math program is also available in a full-color textbook. The format and appearance are new, but we have kept the incremental approach to learning and the same scope and sequence as the LightUnits.

This course includes a textbook that is attractively and professionally formatted with colorful pictures and illustrations. It uses the same learning approach as LightUnits: spiral, incremental learning, continuous review. The Teacher’s Guide is full-color, and includes reproductions of all textbook pages with answers. The Full Solution Answer Key shows each problem with its solution for the textbook, quizzes, and tests. The Student Pack includes consumable quizzes, tests, and daily speed/mastery drills.


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