Science 400 – LightUnit Set

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In Science 400, students learn science vocabulary. They have opportunities to try hands-on experiments and activities that enhance their learning.

See a sample:
Science 401 – Plants
Science 402 – Animals
Science 403 – Man and His Environment
Science 404 – Machines
Science 405 – Electricity and Magnetism
Science 406 – Changes in Water
Science 407 – Weather
Science 408 – Our Solar System an the Universe
Science 409 – The Planet Earth
Science 410 – Understanding God’s Wonderful Creation

Course components
10 LightUnits 401-410
5 Answer Keys 401-410

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How to Teach the Course

Each LightUnit in this course takes about seventeen days to cover, providing work for a 170-day school year. Each LightUnit contains a self check for each section and a LightUnit test.

Answer keys are in list format and are required for the course.

No teacher’s guide is provided; the reading level is simple enough for fourth graders to study on their own.

Affordable science supplies correlating with this science course are available.

The LightUnit themes are as follows:
LU 401 – Plants
LU 402 – Animals
LU 403 – Man and His Environment
LU 404 – Machines
LU 405 – Electricity and Magnetism
LU 406 – Changes in Water
LU 407 – Weather
LU 408 – Our Solar System an the Universe
LU 409 – The Planet Earth
LU 410 – Understanding God’s Wonderful Creation


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Set Includes: 10 LightUnits


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