LTR Primers – Set

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Four delightful softcover books, designed to motivate children with the thrill of reading, are an integral part of the course. The reading level slowly advances to match student’s progress. Illustrated with beautiful artwork.

We Live – 5 stories. For LUs 102-103.

We Explore – 30 stories. For LUs 103-106.

We Learn – 18 stories. For LUs 107-108.

We Discover – 22 stories. For LUs 109-110.


How Learning to Read works

Learning to Read introduces and reviews all consonants sounds, consonant digraphs, long and short vowels, most two-letter vowel sounds, and many sight words. It also integrates handwriting, spelling, and listening skills to create a complete language program for beginners.

Each sound is introduced with a picture card followed by a story focusing on the picture and new sound. For example, for the t sound, the story of children discovering a turtle with a house that “just fits” captures the child’s attention and motivates him to learn the sound.

The story ends with a fun rhyme to connect the sound with the letter—“/t,t,t,t/ Turtle Tim takes his house on top of him.”

Learning the rhyme and repeating it rivets the combination in the child’s mind. Questions about the story help develop comprehension. A moral lesson or truth about God’s greatness and goodness helps develop the child’s character.

Language Arts 100 Second Edition LightUnits are integrated with this course. Students begin Language Arts 101 LightUnit when they begin Learning to Read 105 LightUnit. After completing Learning to Read, students will be ready for the Reading 100 I Wonder reader and workbook. Click here to view the introduction from the Learning to Read Teacher’s Guide.

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